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We at Argus Solutions, know how important it is that you are secure about your Personal Data. For this reason, all personal information relating to users, customers or visitors, whether using our digital services or not, is treated in accordance with the Brazilian Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD.

Argus Solutions recognizes the importance of the privacy of personal data and in compliance with the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law – LGPD wants you to become familiar with the way in which your data is collected, stored and processed. This Privacy Policy describes the practices adopted in relation to the data collected in printed or digital forms through the website operated and controlled by Argus Solutions.

So, reinforcing our commitment to protect and safeguard all the data we collect we want to explain to you a little more about how we do this.

Why do we collect and process your Personal Data?

When offering our services, we need to collect and process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

a) Make it possible to serve customers and visitors interested in knowing more about our services;

b) Meet the legal and administrative obligations of public agencies linked to these services, at the municipal, state and federal levels.

Thus, when we carry out any activity that uses Personal Data, such as registration, various processes related to the development of the contracted service, we do this with great respect and responsibility and we take technical and administrative measures to ensure your privacy.

To this end, we have developed a Privacy Policy to specifically care for Personal Data, as an integral part of our SGPD - Data and Privacy Management System and which describes, among other things, how data is collected, stored, processed, shared, retained or removed.

Also, we are constantly improving our Privacy Policy and in it you will also find ways to contact us and clarify any doubts about Personal Data Privacy.



In August 2018, with the publication of the Brazilian LGPD - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (General Data Protection Law) new concepts and definitions emerged that guide the way of Personal Data should be treated by organizations.

Thus, we describe below these important concepts and definitions, as well as other details of our Privacy Policy and how we adapt our company to comply with current laws.

1. Understand who's who according to the LGPD

1.1. Data subject

It is you, the person who has the Personal Data, whether as a customer, employee or even a visitor, physicist or internet user.

1.2. Data Controller

We, Argus Solutions , make the decisions regarding the treatment of the personal data collected.

1.3. Data Processor

t is us, Argus Solutions or an accredited partner that, on our behalf, performs the processing of Personal Data, following our guidelines and security controls.

1.4. Data Protection Officer (DPO)

He is the person or team responsible for ensuring compliance with the LGPD within an organization. At Argus Solutions, the DPO works together with a multidisciplinary team and a committee to be able to carry out the necessary work in the areas of technology, administrative and legal.

1.5. ANPD - Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados

It is the Brazilian Supervisory Authority, a federal unity specially created to ensure, assist companies and monitor compliance with the LGPD in Brazil.

2. Some important concepts and definitions

(the concepts are presented in order that they are mentioned)

2.1. Privacy Policy

It is the set of rules, procedures, administrative and technology guidelines to be observed and followed by everyone involved in order to ensure the privacy of your Personal Data, or of children and adolescents that you are legally responsible for

2.2. Personal Data

It is the data related to a person (data subject), being able to identify him/her or make his/her identification possible. As an example: Name, CPF, RG, address, phone, email etc.

2.3 Sensitive Personal Data

It is any information about racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a person.

2.4. Treatment

It is any action taken with Personal Data. For example, collecting, storing, querying, updating, sharing, transmitting, sorting, reproducing, deleting, inactivating, etc.

2.5. Treatment of Personal Data of Children and Adolescents

The processing of Children's Personal Data should only be carried out with the specific consent given by at least one of the parents or the legal guardian.

2.6. Consent

It is your statement authorizing the treatment of your Personal Data or that of children and adolescents that you are the legal guardian of. We will always ask for your consent for a specific purpose and you will have complete freedom to agree or not to the Terms of Treatment of Personal Data. If you do not agree, Personal Data will not be collected, thus not generating the contracting of new services or it may limit some provision of our services or experiences. Personal Data may be used without the prior consent of the data subject or legal guardian in the following cases:

a) if we have to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;

b) to exercise our rights in judicial and administrative proceedings,

c) to carry out studies and research, ensuring anonymity;

d) to execute the contract or preliminary procedures to it;

e) for protection of the data subject’s life or physical security;

f) to meet legitimate interests, respecting the data subject’s fundamental rights and freedoms; and

g)for credit protection.

2.7. Legitimate interest

It is what allows us to process Personal Data to meet operational, administrative and legal needs, in order to provide the services offered by Argus Solutions. The LGPD defines that the interests will only be considered legitimate if the form of use of the Personal Data is not contrary to the Brazilian legislation, the purpose of use is specific and as long as there is effective transparency to such uses, as well as their rights and individual freedoms.

2.8. Legal basis

These are the possibilities allowed by law and which authorize the processing of Personal Data. For example, consent is a legal basis, as is the need to fulfill a contract that we have with you or to comply with other legislation.

2.9. Platforms

They are the sites, systems and applications with specific functions and that can collect and treat different data, including Personal Data.

2.10. Services and Experiences

Services are the activities we carry out for you. Services can be face-to-face or remote, digital or non-digital. Experiences are the ways in which you relate or interact with us.

2.11. Technology

Are all digital tools, systems, applications, including those of personal identification, such as websites, forms, digital registrations, or even access to Wi-Fi and other services offered due to the use of services operational or administrative, such as security cameras, augmented reality, etc.

2.12. Cookies

They are files that temporarily store, on your own computer or mobile device, what you are visiting on a given Internet site. Based on this information, companies that use cookies on their respective sites can improve the browsing experience for each person, for example, by offering a better view or even offering more relevant information to you. Eventually we may use cookies to improve your browsing experience, and when this happens you will be notified when browsing the site, and you may accept it or not. See more information in our Cookie Policy.

3. What Personal Data is collected and in what form?

In order to have the possibility of interaction with visitors to our website, we provide an electronic form which the visitor will be able to inform his/her name and e-mail, which we will use to contact him/her.

4. How long do we keep a Personal Data?

Our Information Security Policy has rules on the collection, storage, treatment, maintenance and disposal of Personal Data, as well as the appropriate retention period for each type of Personal Data collected, considering the need, purpose or for the fulfillment of legal obligations, regulatory, contractual, among others, as long as they are based on legal bases. The maintenance, whether of a printed or digital document, depends on each activity in which it must be treated, being that in some cases the related laws may compel us to keep data in a permanent way. Also, personal data may be kept in our custody indefinitely, stored in appropriate systems, and following all criteria for Information Security, in the following circumstances:

a) for the fulfillment of new legal obligations under preparation;
b) to meet the Information Security criteria contained in our Information Security Management System;
c) to combat fraud or corruption actions;
d) to ensure other unforeseen situations that we believe are of interest to the data subject in the recovery of their personal data, thus being a legitimate interest.

5. With whom do we share your Personal Data?

In order for us to provide our services, we use accredited partners who will be able to partially process your Personal Data, limited to the legitimate and minimum necessary purpose. Also, in these cases, we have adopted policies that require appropriate security practices from these partners for the processing of Personal Data.

6. What are your rights as a data subject?

You can at any time:

6.1. Obtain Confirmation and Access to a copy of your Personal Data existing in our systems, as well as requesting information about with whom we share your Personal Data.

6.2. Request Correction or Update of Personal Data, in order to keep them accurate.

6.3. Request the Elimination of Personal Data that is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the services contracted with us or for the fulfillment of legal issues. In certain cases, some data may be anonymized, that is, they will be altered in such a way that they no longer identify you. In other cases, we will inform you about the impossibility of deleting personal data due to compliance with a legal obligation, or to comply with one of the topics listed in “How long do we keep your Personal Data?”.

6.4. Request Portability of your Personal Data to other similar service providers, as defined in the service provision contract. For example, in case you terminate your contract with us and intend to hire another solution provider for LGPD.

6.5. Do not consent to your Personal Data being used. Whenever necessary, we will ask for your consent in a clear and objective manner and you will be free to consent or not to the use of your Personal Data. If you do not consent and the Personal Data is necessary for the performance of a service, we will be limited and we will not be able to meet your need.

6.6. Revoke (withdraw) a consent previously made. However, in cases of revocation by the data subject or his/her legal guardian, it is possible that we may have to cancel contracts for the contracted services or limit our services and experiences.

6.7. You may still Object to the processing of any of your Personal Data as long as this data does not meet a legitimate interest or does not meet any legal or contractual need.

7. What are our responsibilities and how do we protect your Personal Data?

We handle your Personal Data responsibly and use it only for the purpose of providing our Services. In addition to this policy, we have adopted renowned security and governance techniques and best practices, including the use of cryptography and other incident prevention systems, educational actions, supervisory mechanisms, monitoring and procedures to mitigate risks and other aspects related to Information Security, all with the aim of protecting your Personal Data. Despite all these actions, information security does not depend exclusively on our actions: unauthorized access or use of your accounts on various Internet services, outdated devices, programs and antivirus failures, which are not under our control, among others factors, may compromise the security of your Personal Data. Therefore, your preventive action, careful posture and conduct in order to keep all your logins and passwords confidential, is also extremely important to maintain a secure environment..

8. How to talk about your Personal Data with us?

If you believe that your Personal Data has been used in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy or the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data, or even if you have questions about the handling of your Personal Data or the exercise of your rights, as well as comments and suggestions on this policy, please contact us.

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  • 9. Update and changes to this Privacy Policy.

    This Privacy Policy can be changed at any time and with immediate effect. Therefore, we request that you review it frequently for clarifications and updated information.

    10. Version history

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